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Doing PK Analysis fast and easy with PK Solutions
PK Solutions - Doing pharmacokinetics analysis fast and easy.

Description of PK Solutions Pharmacokinetic Software

PK  Solutions software and documentation CD

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PK Solutions Pharmacokinetics AnalysisProf. Michael C. Makoid, Creighton Univ. School of Pharmacy

    " This is truly a lovely piece of software."

PK Solutions Pharmacokinetics AnalysisJeffery D. Lazar, MD, PhD, Lazar Associates LLC

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PK Solutions Pharmacokinetics AnalysisDept. of PK & ADME, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Ltd.

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PK Solutions Pharmacokinetics AnalysisUniv. of Queensland, Department of Medicine



  • The easiest pharmacokinetics data analysis software available.
  • Excel-based program provides wide flexibility in a familiar spreadsheet environment.
  • Provides graphs and tables of all the most widely used pharmacokinetic parameters.
  • Helps you analyze, record, compare, and report pharmacokinetic and ADME study results.
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PK Solutions is an automated Excel-based program that does single and multiple dose pharmacokinetic data analysis of concentration-time data from biological samples (blood, serum, plasma, lymph, etc.) following intravenous or extravascular routes of administration. The program provides comprehensive tables of the most widely used and published pharmacokinetic parameters with the ease of a few mouse clicks. PK Solutions calculates results using noncompartmental (area) and compartmental (exponential terms) methods without presuming any specific compartmental model. Multiple dose and steady state parameters are automatically projected from single dose results.

The distinguishing features of PK Solutions are that it is easy, fast, and comprehensive. The program works with both concentration-time data and imported exponential terms. PK Solutions produces instant results suitable for
novice and experts, without the need for programming.

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Pharmacokinetics made easy  Easy to Use

PK Solutions makes pharmacokinetic data analysis easy and fast. No programming required. Simply enter your data and with a few mouse clicks on the analysis sheet you are done. PK Solutions instantly computes and displays attractive graphs and tables of results.

Pharmacokinetics made easy  Suits All Levels of Pharmacokinetic Experience

PK Solutions is used in over 40 countries by researchers, clinicians, students, and others at all skill levels who need a reliable and easy way to get pharmacokinetic data. Whether you need PK data daily or only for an occasional report, PK Solutions gives the needed results for the novice and professional user.

Pharmacokinetics made easy  Comprehensive Coverage of PK Parameters

PK Solutions computes more PK parameters than any other program. More than 75 single and multiple dose pharmacokinetic results are computed from intravenous or extravascular dose data. PK parameter calculations are based on two standard methods of analysis: (1) curve-stripping (or method of residuals) to derive the exponential terms that describe the blood level curve, and (2) area under the curve calculations. PK Solutions applies both methods where applicable and compares the results side-by-side.

Pharmacokinetics made easy  User Interaction with Dynamic Updates

All graphs and formulas are dynamically linked affording instant updates and immediate feedback when exploring the effect of changes in data or other inputs. For example, changing a dose interval gives an immediate redraw of the multiple dose blood level curve. Explore 'What if?' questions. Dynamic interaction helps you grasp the principles of pharmacokinetic analysis.

Pharmacokinetics made easy  Record Changes - Compare Multiple Data Sets

Capture a complete listing of over 75 PK parameters for each data set. You can capture and compare the results of up to 256 data sets on a single, flexible form. A menu allows selection of parameter groups to be displayed and printed. Print reports, data tables, and graphs in color or black and white. Export or copy results and graphics for inclusion in presentations or formal reports.

Pharmacokinetics made easy  Built-in Validation

PK Solutions includes the results of seven test data sets taken from the literature. Comparison of the literature values with those obtained by PK Solutions assures the scientific validity of the program. The test data can also be used to verify the reproducibility of calculations and the performance of the software. PK Solutions is used in hundreds of regulated laboratories throughout the world.

Pharmacokinetics made easy  Excel-Based for Maximum Flexibility and Usefulness

PK Solutions is a Microsoft Excel program that can run on PCs using any version of Windows (Windows 3.x, 9x, NT/2000, XP) as well as on Macintosh computers. Excel provides a familiar working environment with extraordinary capabilities for additional analyses, importing and exporting of data, and interaction with other software. PK Solutions can be integrated with other Microsoft Office documents, databases, and intranet platforms. Reports and presentations of the results is easily accomplished using standard Office procedures.

Pharmacokinetics made easy  Complete User Guide

The PK Solution 2.0 User Guide is a complete manual supplied in an attractive notebook. The guide clearly describes and illustrates all program options and features. In addition, the guide includes a description of all the pharmacokinetic parameters, graphing functions, and formulas used by the program thereby providing a useful compilation of pharmacokinetic equations in one place. See the PK Equations page for an excerpt from the guide describing the pharmacokinetic calculations used.

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